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Our story

Hi, welcome to My Moon Collective. Orillia’s modern-day mystics one-stop shop. Here we talk about the moon. 


We are a shop and brand dedicated to offering space and healing through our carefully curated products and gatherings. The concept was created from the desire and curiosity to live more intentionally. 


When you step into the shop you will find items that encourage a coming home to self. From crystals and stones, herbs, and incense, to jewelry, books, and personal care items – for the spiritually curious or those looking for a unique gift. 


My Moon Collective is a space of safety in curiosity that was created to help foster and encourage connection to your deepest truths and authenticity. 


Meet the My Moon team ✨


owner & founder

☀️ Cap 🌙 Taurus  ⬆️ Sag

I’m Kelsey, owner and creator of My Moon Collective and the newly established "Opening to My Wild Heart". 
I am all about the cosmic and astrological world. I’ve got a mind for creating and love building on new ideas. I studied marketing and advertising in post secondary and growing up always had a vision of myself living a "CEO Corporate gal lifestyle". It feels like I've lived several lives since that point. Coming home to My Moon Collective and its creation truly started when I was working in advertising in Toronto. I had a quarter life crisis and found myself living a lifestyle that left me in tears most days. Basically my life was on a fast track to what felt to me to be a very sad and lonely existence. I had to completely reframe my definition of success, and at 24 I took a leap and walked away, I quit my old life and embarked on a solo backpacking trip around the world.  This is where I started to meet myself for the first time and the layers of who I am and what I love started to be revealed.  


I came home completely changed. This was the first of several awakenings for me.


I have always been an intuitive and soul driven person- it just took me a little while to embrace this side of myself. Since opening myself to this world it has been a constant unfolding of self. I laugh sometimes because as I am learning new things and dive deeper into astrology, self development and healing work it usually feels more like remembering...


Now I am back in my hometown, to be honest the last place I thought I would end up. I love the community, practice and lifestyle I have created for myself. 


Since opening the shop it has felt like my life has catapulted into new realms and possibilities. My Moon has been my personal portal to a life of freedom, inner authority and flow.


retail support

☀️ Cap 🌙 Pisces  ⬆️ Leo

Hi! My name is Montana but everyone calls me Monty. I’ve been at the shop for over a year now and every day I’m reminded why I love mysticism. Whether it be the people, the energy, or the wisdom I get to soak up that day, it all brings me great joy and fulfilment. I’ve dabbled in divination, astrology, numerology, and many other sects of spiritualism during my time here but my favourite by far is crystal healing. It’s initially what drew me to the store and my collection has only grown since then! I’ve found that through crystal healing I’ve been able to discover parts of myself I didn’t know existed, I’ve been able to become more mindful of certain habits or behaviours, and I’ve found a community of people that I truly relate to and connect with. Cheers to many more years of getting to know the ‘my moon loves’ of Orillia! 

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