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Opening to my wild heart


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Welcome to Opening to My Wild Heart, a space dedicated to connecting to our wild and coming home to our hearts. 

About Kelsey

Owner, Opening to my Wild Heart

Kelsey Beesley is a certified Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator who has found a deep connection and passion for Somatic healing. Throughout her experiences and personal journey she has seen profound shifts through the power of breath and body work. Kelsey is very excited to be stepping deeper into her journey as a facilitator and holding each participant throughout their unique breath experience. 


Kelsey led her first moon circle in 2019 and since that time has found passion in connecting to the energy of the moon (specifically the full moon) and the cosmos. Throughout the evolution of these gatherings Kelsey has fostered the connection of the lunar energies with the elements and breath to create a space for deep embodiment and release. 


You can also see what Kelsey is up to over at her Mystic Boutiques Website


If you have any questions about this experience please contact Kelsey at:

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