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Opening to my wild heart


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Curious about group breathwork sessions?



Lunar Illumination

Full Moon Breath Embodiment Gatherings 


In Person Monthly Gathering at Rooted and Rise Wellness Studio

Opening to the illumination of the full moon through breath, movement and connection. 

  • Connect in circle with your fellow sisters

  • Conversation & insights on the energy of the Full Moon \ what might be currently  illuminated within.

  • Corresponding herbal infusion to enjoy

  • Breath Embodiment Practice  (opening to feminine movement)

  • Integration/ grounding meditation

  • Sharing  and reflection


Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience 


These In Person Monthly  sessions follow the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Technique.


A breathwork dedicated practice {without the infusion of cosmic teachings}


In these sessions we go right into the experience and let the breath guide the way.


Find these session Monthly at:


Join Kelsey Beesley as she guides you through an Elemental Breathwork experience. This is a journey of connecting deeper to your body and your breath. Breathwork is a practice of bringing consciousness to the breath through an active meditation and connecting into a mindful breath sequences. This is a journey of creating space to detach from the mind and allowing the body to guide the way.


In Element Breathwork, we work through a series of breaths connected to each element as we build heat in the body. This is a dynamic experience which builds in energy through each sequence and allows for deep release and surrender. Each session will end with a guided meditation, integration and sound cleansing to help bring participants back into the space.


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