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How I use crystals to help manage my period pain 🌺

Author: Eryca, Retail Lead

If you are a uterus having individual, there’s a very likely chance that at some point you have encounter discomfort around your moon time.

Many of us have the familiar story of being put on hormonal birth control from an early age as a way to manage the pain. For myself the attempt to suppress my symptoms only made them louder. It was when I made the choice to finally listen to my body rather than fight her, that I truly started to help myself.

I am still learning so much about my womb space, my emotions, my power and how they’re all connected. Womb work is deep and can be painful emotional work, but it is sacred work that holds the key to healing our Divine Feminine. I very much recommend seeking out a womb work practitioner or guide during the beginning of your womb work explorations. Someone who can hold you and guide you through the darker parts until you can begin to hold yourself.

In my personal practice I am deeply drawn to crystal energy. Throughout the last few years, I’ve found several ways to support my Womb work journey with crystals, specifically when I am on my period and my physical symptoms are surfacing. Here are a few ways you may consider using crystals to aid yourself during your moon time.

1. Wearing Crystals

One of the easiest ways to harness crystal energy is to have them close to your body. You can do this by wearing crystal jewelry, keeping a tumbled stone in your pocket. Or my personal favourite, placing crystals directly on my womb space by simply sticking them down the front of my pants.

Ammonite crystals are my favourite for this one as they’re very flat and can fit into almost any outfit without being an obvious lump. Crystal waist beads are also a great way to wear crystals directly over your womb area in a subtle way under clothes.

Just remember when doing any crystal work intention is needed to actually get the required outcome. Take a moment to centre yourself and your energy, ask the crystal clearly what kind of support you need from it, and take care to cleanse them after your cycle has ended so they’re ready for the next time you need them.

2. Charing my beverages

Another really simple way to add some crystal magic to your moon time is by charging your water, tea, coffee, matcha or whatever it may be with crystal energy. You can do this in many ways. Crystal slabs are a perfect option for this, you can just put the slab where you normally keep your beverage and place the vessel on top of it when you aren’t drinking, envision the crystal energy floating up into the beverage and in turn into you every time you take a sip. Feel the glow as you drink. Slabs again are amazing for this, but not necessary, you can also use tumble stones on top of the bottle or placed around your water in a grid formation. Please though do not place your crystals directly into anything you intend to drink. Though many crystals are water safe, many are not and it is not recommended to ever put crystals directly into your beverages. Another amazing way of doing this is with crystal tea cages (come see our selection at My Moon, these are all made with water safe Crystals) Not only do they just make the entire act of preparing tea more beautiful, they have added benefit of infusing your tea with crystal energy.

The Red Moon Goddess Tea is my go-to during my moon time as its full of beautiful womb healing herbs and smells absolutely divine. Come see us at MyMoon to find the right tea blend for you.

3. As a Grounding Talisman

Lastly, when the pain is very acute and intense, I often use crystals in combination with meditation and guided breathing as a way to ground myself as well as a pain relief distraction method. One of the major lessons that I’ve learned in womb work is that you have to feel it to heal it. As such I avoid taking painkillers or medicine to the best of my ability, in doing that though I had to find another way to help myself through the pain. I found the Instagram account of a doula who had women press the teeth of a comb into their palms while they were contracting. This gave the women a sensation to focus on that was strong enough to pull their attention from the pain but also total control over how much counter pressure they wanted to apply. I figured I could do the same exact thing with crystals and I have found it to be hugely helpful during my more painful periods.

I prefer raw stones for this method as I find the natural shape and roughness of the stones pressed into my palm to be the most effective at drawing my attention. The practice is this, focus on your breathing and breathing in that gentle, healing, loving energy that is always available to you, breathe in and squeeze the stone into your palm. As you breathe out slowly relax your grip. Picture the pain flowing out of your womb space and into your palm and into the crystal. When you’re feeling better, thank the crystal for holding your pain, cleanse and let it go into the universe.

I hope these practices help you as they have helped me. Remember you are not alone in this work, and to be gentle and loving with yourself during your moon time. Rest if you need rest, cry if you need to cry, and bask in each and every small moment of pleasure.

Here’s a list of crystals known to be helpful with womb work:

Moonstone, Ammonite, Unakite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Mookaite, Garnet, Selenite, Bloodstone, Jade, and Malachite.

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