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How I Use Herbs In My Practice 🌿

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Author: Eryca,

Hello magical souls, thank you for taking the time to come and learn a little about the use of herbs in the practice of Witchcraft. First, let’s talk about what exactly Witchcraft and Herbs are.

For some of us when we hear the word Witch, images of fear and judgement can come to mind. Society has taught us to fear this archetype and the mysterious and intuitive nature of Witchcraft. When in reality a Witch is simply a person who is attuned with the energies of nature and Witchcraft is simply taking the natural energy that flows around and through us and applying our own unique intention and intuitive practices to it.

Herbs are associated with the kitchen and cooking but when you look a little deeper you will find that many herbs also have magical properties. Many of the natural items gifted to us by Mama Gaia such as fruits and seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, and other parts plant life hold a deeper wisdom and power within. You see a Witch sees this and understands that by harnessing these energies we can deepen our personal practice.

Here are three ways to bring more magic into your life through the use of these earthly gifts.

1. Drying Rack

One of the simplest ways to take live herbs and prepare them for use in practice is to use a herb drying rack or drying station. This is quite simple, I opted for a drying rack made of a simple stick hung from my kitchen ceiling.

The acts of gathering, washing, preparing, bundling, and finally hanging the herbs is incredibly meditative. It’s a practice that allows for a deeper connection between yours and the energy you are working with.

The fresh and fragrant released when the herb are cut or any time their moved is an instant mood booster.

You don’t need to grow your own herbs of course. I often do this with store bought fresh herbs when I know I’m not going to use them in time, It’s a great way to save waste and learn about the different magical properties you have at your disposal. If you have space in your home, I highly recommend setting up a small herb drying area.

2. Simmer Pot

One of my absolute favourite and easiest practices is the Sunday Simmer Pot. A Simmer Pot is exactly what it sounds like, a pot you leave to simmer on the stove while you are otherwise occupied. As the water simmers it releases the steams and oils into the air, cleansing (or whatever your chosen intention) the vibrations of the air and space.

I love to go for a mix of fresh and dried ingredients in my simmer pots, you can really use whatever it is you are called to, or make it a little more focused by using herbs that correspond to certain energies (My Moon is currently working on a Herbal Directory!).

This is my cleansing recipe.

  • Fresh lemon (nothing beats fresh squeezed lemon rind) for happiness

  • Orange for abundance

  • Lavender for calmness and peace

  • Vanilla for love and sweetness

  • Cinnamon for grounding and clarity

  • Cloves and salt for protection

3. Spell Jars

Spell Jars are one of the oldest and most popular forms of Witchcraft. Spell Jars often include a mix of herbs, oils, crystals and or other magical objects. I made these spell jar keychains as a way of keeping my magic close when I’m not at home or travelling alone.

Some of the jars I have made include:

Protection spell jar: pink salt ,rosemary, mint, lavender, clove, chamomile, snowflake obsidian, amethyst

Self-love spell jar: pink salt, rose, jasmine, lavender, cinnamon, mint, rose quartz, pink aventurine, clear quartz

You can make a spell jar for almost any reason and using whatever you have on hand. A simple jar of salt is a spell jar if you intend it to be.

Well there are three of my favourite ways to use herbs in my personal practice. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions about magical herbs, come and see me at My Moon. I would be so happy to help you take your magic into your own hands.

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