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Scorpio Season Picks 🦂

Author: Kelsey, owner & founder

The Sun has moved into the mysterious waters of Scorpio as we come into peak Spooky Season. We can use this season to dive into our shadow work as the detective energy of Scorpio begs us to dig deeper into ourselves and unearth our hidden truth.

This season, My Moon is all about getting deep and encouraging the uncovering of the darker parts we hold within. You see, Scorpio knows that it is when we are able to play in our shadows and love ourselves even in those dark places that we can transmute them into light. It's a season that calls us to wash away our guilt, shame and fear by sitting with them, getting curious about them and ultimately allowing ourselves to love them.

Here is what My Moon is pulling out this season to help transmute and embrace the mystic realms of Miss Scorpio.

Scorpio Stones

Larvikite is a great stone for working through our shadow work. It can help us tap into our inner strength & intuition. Check out our Crystals Directory for more!

Finding Your Mystic Tools

My Moon loves to use physical tools for transmuting energy. Perhaps by burning bay leaves to release in your Mini My Moon Cauldron or by incorporating a new "spell" into your practice with The Little bit of Spells Book. Perhaps tapping into animal energy and the powers of the Oracle with WinterSteer Animanl Oracle.It's all about finding something that works and resonates with you!

Creating Space

Creating a safe space for healing work is essential (or maybe that's my Taurus Moon talking). Make a space that is yours by adding in some decorative and protective charm. We love having the All Seeing Eye Chime at the entrance of our special space. Adding in mystical prints that match your style is another great way to offer comfort in a space and make it your own. This Garden Snake Print by Lady luck Studios is oh so Scorpio.

Mystic Jewelry

My Moon loves the act of adorning oneself with items that make us feel and surrender into our deepest truth. This Mystic Penny Charm Necklace is perfect for this season as Scorpio is well, the Mystic. and obviously we had to include my moon favourite the Pilgrim Horoscope Necklace in Scorpio, because well Scorpio.

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