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The My Moon Collective Zodiac Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Welcome to the My Moon Collective Zodiac Gift Guide.
We are so excited to share some of our shop favourites and how we have connected them to each Zodiac.

Did you know that each planet has its unique place in the sky when we are born? It's not just your sun sign!
It's the diversity of energies and archetypes that all the planets and the placements hold, that create our full cosmic blue print.

You can use this guide to shop for the Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Venus or 8th house stellium (scorpio energy) in your life. There are no rules here! It can be whatever you want it to be.
You can find out more about you and your loved ones cosmic blueprints and birth charts easily online. Just search Natal Birth-chart and enter in your birth information.
We like to use Cafe Astrology.

Most of the items in this guide can be found on our online shop, however, some are exclusive to in-store shopping only.

Click here to go to our blog post - there we have linked all the items for you to easily find.

So let's dive in!

Crystal: Hematite (in shop)

Sacred Sisterhood Tarot

homebound Intention Candle Kit

Peach Selenite Bowl

Bloom Baby Bloom Print

Abundance Incense

Wild Jewelry Incense Holder (in shop)

Crystal: Tigers Eye (In Shop)

Wanderlust Venus Kit

Slow Things Down Mug

Selene Tea

Grow Your Own Way Print

The Hermit Candle

Spell Work for Self Care Book

Moon Bath Book

Crystals: Apetit & Howlite (in Shop)

New Moon Print

This Calls for Gratitude Journal

The Astrology of You and Me (In Shop)

New Moon Tarot

Good Vibrations Energy Clearing Mist

Epiphany Oil

Crystals: Moonstone & Fluorite (In Shop)

Stamped Frosting Spoons (In Shop)

Pilgrim Heart Necklace (In shop)

Moon Light Magic Serum

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses (In shop)

Print - Poppy Lady

Crystal: Pyrite (In Shop)

Cool to Connect - After Dark

Ray of Sunshine Sticker (In Shop)

Citrine Body Oil

Pilgrim Horoscope Necklace

F*ck Like a Goddess (In Shop)

Print - He Loves Me Not

Crystal: Prehnite

Floral and Palo Bundle: Healing Vibes (Fuschite) (In shop)

Forest Walk Candle

Wild Jewelry Necklace (In shop)

Woodland Pixie Tea

Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle (In shop)

Wild Woman Print

Crystal: Rose Quartz (In Shop)

Cool to Connect

Goddess Blend

Shell Dish (In Shop)

Shell Candle (In Shop)

Pilgrim Pearl Ring (In Shop)

Print - Papaya

Taurus Moon Op - Hair Scarf (In shop)

Crystal: Larvakite (In shop)

Quartz Moon Necklace (In Shop)

Homebound Tarot

Mini Cauldron

Culinary Black Protection Salt (In Shop)

Moon Snake Print

Crystal: Malachite & Labradorite (In Shop)

Sacred Rebels Oracle (In Shop)

Herkimer Diamond Chocker (In Shop)

Smoky Quartz Pendulum (In Shop)

Gratitude Bracelet

Desert Dweller Print

"Exactly Where I Need to Be" Keychain

Crystals: Mookaite & Desert Jasper & Citrine (In shop)

2022 Year of Growth Journal

Women Who Run With the Wolves (In Shop)

Curvy Goddess Candle

Sacred Creators Oracle (In shop)

Dark Moon Chai Coffee

Good Things Take Time Print

Crystal: Amethyst (In Shop)

The Star Candle

Hand Hair Clips

Stained Glass Crystal (In Shop)

Aquarius Necklace (In Shop)

Amenti Oracle (In Shop)

Human is Human Print

Crystals: Aquamarine (In Shop)

Pilgrim Zodiac Wheel Necklace (In Shop)

Dreamy Moons Dream Journal

Silk Sleep Mask (In Shop)

Gold Moon Mirror

Ethereal Visions Tarot (In Shop)

Mushroom Print

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