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What is a Book of Shadows + Welcome to the "Book [of WOO] Club!

By Montana Canavan-LeBarron - Retail Team & "Book [of Woo] Club" Co-Host

As I’m sure many of our customers understand, the words ‘witch’ and ‘witchcraft’

come with some immediate negative connotations, and vocalising them in certain

situations is considered inappropriate, or even dangerous. However, I can not blame the

people who uphold these stereotypes, because throughout our history ‘witches’ and

‘witchcraft’ have been demonised. The only common historical event people can recall that involves witches is the global era in which witchcraft was deemed illegal and evil.

When the general public has come in contact with little to no other representation of the craft, ofcourse they will still associate it with these types of negative connotations. One major thing I have learned in life is that no matter the religion, ideology, or practice there is always the chance of the existence of extremists, who will manipulate to justify their ill-intentions.

We cannot however, ignore the massive amount of positive action and change within these

religions, ideologies, and practises, and let this fraction of negative, represent the

intentions or main-focus of these groups. The same goes for the craft. The other day I

pulled a card from my Kali Oracle deck, and my instant impression of the card was that it

looked evil. Then I read the explanation of the card and taught myself a very important

lesson that I have had to teach myself many times as a growing and learning witch. Just

because something appears evil does not mean it inherently is.

This is the card: and what Chamunda truly represents is a part of Kali that defeated two demons, combined their names, and took them as a sign of strength, so when you pull her card she is actually here to protect you from any black magic or evil intentions of the beings around you. So what we must remember, is to maintain a mutual respect for all

religions, ideologies, and practises because even though some of their appearances look

intimidating or evil, and we do not understand, that does not mean that is all they are composed of.

The same also goes for books of shadows. A ‘Book of Shadows’ is a common

term used to define a book that contains a Witch’s or Mystic’s notes explaining any topics of interest that resonate. A personalised craft textbook or encyclopaedia if you will. Although

it has shadows in the name [and I'm sure there are some out there that contain dark topics] I can assure you the majority of them that exist contain things that spark joy, just like journaling and meditation.

Mine contains notes and tips on topics ranging from astrology, to crystals, to divination, and more! It has become an incredible representation of all I have learned in my time as a Witch and I reference it in my practises constantly. It also utilizes one of the best parts of witchcraft, which is the fact that as you practice you compose your own methods and unique routines that work for you and only you. You work with what resonates and through that, your path is unveiled.

Here are some example photos of the content and art I’ve included in mine.

The energy I want to manifest for 2022 in the My Moon Community is open-hearted, always growing and learning. I wish for inspiration to find each of you, for motivation to flow through you, and drive your curiosity to discover new things that spark your soul.

This is why I am so excited to be a Co-Host in the upcoming workshop series "Book or WOO Club" that My Moon Collective is hosting. This is a club that is dedicated to helping others create their personal Book of Shadows, Magic, WOO or whatever it is you wish to call it! This will be a space to dive in, play and be curious with the different energies within the mystic realms such as astrology, crystals, elemental work, herbs, tarot, oracle and more. My Moon Collective is a space dedicated to discovering deeper layers of self and authenticity and this club will be nothing short of giving space for you to build a book that reflects your personal energy and the practices and rituals that work best for you!

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